Tiger Beach Golf Links –China top 10 course by GOLF DIGEST

2007. 9. GOLF DIGEST China Edition

28th August 2007, GOLF DIGEST China Edition 2006-2007 Course award ceremony held at Shangri-La's Kerry Centre Hotel, CEO of Tiger Beach Golf Links Beta Soong was awarded the China Top 10 prize medal from Mel Pyatt.

The US GOLF DIGEST evaluation is a world professional system, owns more than 800 low HDCP judges. In May, 2007, US Golf Digest published the biyearly result, also the first time to evaluate world top course according to the amounts. From which, 10 China course were prized on the list, Tiger Beach Golf Links come to the fifth place.

2006-2007China Top 10 course
Spring City Golf and Lake Resort (the Lake Course)
Spring City Golf and Lake Resort(the Mountain Course)
Shanghai Sheshan international golf club
Shen Zhen Golf Club(A ,B course )
Tiger Beach Golf  Links
Lakeview Golf Club
Jianlake Golf Club
Trans- Strait Golf Club
Pine Valley Golf Club( Nicklaus course)
Mission Hill Golf Club(Norman course)

Tiger Beach Golf Links hole No.5

The Evaluation detail covered 8 facts, from score 1(intolerability) to 10 (perfect)
1.Shot Values: how the course set the risk and prize, also the test of the players driving, the definition and the tactic? Whether emphasizes on anyone too much?
2.Playability:how the course set challenge for the low HDCP players and also provide many choices of strategies for the high HDCPs at the same time?
3.Resistance to Scoring:whether the course could offer enough troubles for the Zero-HDCP from Golden tee in the fair precondition?
4.Design Variety:the length of the hole (whether each par 3, par 4 and par 5 have the different lengths? )、Fairway (if the course has the straight or variety figures?)、water and bunker、green?
5.Memorability:what is the design character of each tee, fairway, green , bunker, vegetation and the landform? What about the holistic and the coherence of the 18 holes?
6.Aesthetics:How many sights of the course offered to the players (including the landscaping ,vegetation, water and the backdrop)?
7.Conditioning:how did you evaluate the maintenance of the tee , fairway and the green for the latest visit?
8.Ambience:whether the unitary and the atmosphere match with the traditional golf valuation?
 Due to account the final score of each course, the pros make the average of 8 standards, especially doubled the Shot Values. The following is the standards of the judgement.

1.00 to 1.99—intolerability to bad
2.00 to 2.99—bad but bearable
3.00 to 3.99—bearable to acceptable
4.00 to 4.99—acceptable to fair
5.00 to 5.99—fair to ok
6.00 to 6.99—ok to good
7.00 to 7.99—good to very good
8.00 to 8.99—very good to excellent  
9.00 to 9.99—excellent nearly perfect
Tiger Beach Golf Links Score:
.Shot Values:7.5
Resistance to Scoring:7.9
Design Variety:7.7

This public appraisal shows the golf professional organization’approve to Tiger Beach Golf Links, which is a powerful promotion to the Tiger Beach, and the Links will provide the friends all over the world in a better visage.