Japanese Kantou Golf Union Chairman Sugiyama Minoru and proprietor of Japanese Golf Style Magazine, Kamado Toshio, Visit Tiger Beach

July 30, 2005

Upon the heels of Japan 's most authoritative golf magazine, Golf Digest , who visited Tiger Beach in May 2005, Japanese Kantou golf union chairman and headmaster of Japan 's Sunbig Golf School , Sugiyama Minoru, and the proprietor of Japanese Golf Style , Kamada Toshio made a special trip there as well. This is the first time Kantou golf union has reported on a course in China .


As Sugiyama Minoru points out, ¡°There are also links courses in Japan but none displays the right atmosphere or style of links. However, at Tiger Beach, regardless of the rough or fairway, the greens and bunkers all fully express the unique style of old Scotland.¡±
¡°The course is very natural and beautiful. It is well-suited to advanced players, and those who want to improve their skills or take part in American PGA tournaments or the British Open. They should practice here. I am sure they will feel it's much easier after they train at Tiger Beach before they go.¡±

¡°In Japan , golf has a history of over one hundred years, and there are about 2400 courses. Many of them are famous and have hosted a number of major tournaments. But none of them has had the chance to ally with the host venue of the British Open. It is miraculous that Tiger Beach has been recognized by Carnoustie as its sister course. It's hard to believe.¡±

¡°The service here is also quite good. I am greatly surprised by caddies who serve guests in three languages, something seldom seen in Japan . Caddies in Japan refuse to learn other languages, as they think it's too hard. By contrast, Tiger Beach has done this, which really shows the management and desire of the chairman. Tiger Beach is a truly international course. I hope we can work together to promote the development of golf in Asia and the world. Though the golf industry in China developed very late, its rate of development has been very rapid. It is a marvelous idea of Beta Soong's to implement junior training. Nowadays, most golf clubs are trying their to make money, but Beta is devoting himself to the development of golf in China . He is a real golfer and I am sure he will leave a great treasure for China 's golf industry. I expect to be here again in the future and will try my to let more people know about this course. Only here can you see what real golf is.¡±

As Kamaka Toshio, the proprietor and chief editor of Japanese Golf Style , explains, ¡° I often go to Scotland and many other courses in the world for interviews and reporting. Before, I always believed that only Scotland and Ireland could build real links-style courses. But as soon as I came here, I found I was wrong. I can hardly believe there is such a great links course here in China .¡±


¡°In Japan , they cannot build such a course so they choose to build American style ones in order to maintain their top position in Asia . However, I now see that Tiger Beach should be the Asia 's . Japan has the longest history of golf in Asia , over 100 years, and there are many

famous designers and professional golfers there. But they still have not inherited the true essence of golf. I am so happy to see Tiger Beach , and at the same time, I feel sorry for Japan .¡±

¡°Though we are not as well-known as Golf Digest , we are a professional golf magazine. To my memory, we have never reported on a course in China , and even though we can spare only one page, I want to say that I will be reporting many pages' worth on Tiger Beach to let people know there is such a great course in China , that is no more than 20 years old. We will also have more and more golfers play here in China to experience real golf. ¡±

¡°We are sure that other magazines will soon come to Tiger Beach too, as there is no reason for them not to interview here. Tiger Beach belongs to China but also belongs to the world. The most surprising thing is that a non-pro golfer designed it. As a journalist, I appeal to all golfers to aspire to the true essence of the sport, getting back to nature to face golf's challenges, while enjoying the happiness that golf brings. I will make every effort to let people know about Tiger Beach as soon as I get back to Japan . It is worth it for me, since it is our publication's duty to promote the development of golf in every country in the world.¡±