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Tiger Beach Golf Links –China top 10 course by GOLF DIGEST


2007. 9. GOLF DIGEST China Edition


The US GOLF DIGEST evaluation is a world professional system, owns more than 800 low HDCP judges. In May, 2007, US Golf Digest published the biyearly result, also the first time to evaluate world top course according to the amounts. From which, 10 China course were prized on the list, Tiger Beach Golf Links come to the fifth place........See More


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Alex Jenkins Editor




Is there anything better than traveling to exotic locations and playing great golf courses? Short of striking it lucky on Mark Six (or striking it lucky with Grace Park, for that matter) we don’t think so,..............See More




Story by Alex Jenkins/Photography by James Liu

An hour outside the former German concession of Qingdao in Shandong Province lies Tiger Beach Golf Links-arguably the most unique course in Aisa.
I’m standing on the first tee at Tiger Beach Golf Links and I can scarcely believe my eyes................See More

Call of the wild
On the links at china’s Tiger Beach

Weekend Journal Asia  May 25-27,2007

by David Evans




To the casual observer, businessman Beta Soong, standing on the windswept first fairway at Tiger Beach Golf Links,resembles any other keen amateur golfer calculating his approach to the pin. But he isn’t.The man who built and owns this course has other things on his mind. Should that pot-Bunker be a little to the left, deeper perhaps, or does it need pulling back from the green? That dogleg-not acute enough?and what about that green:surely it should have a steeper gradient? He checks the wind...........See More


Tiger Beach Golf Links


by Robin Moyer




For golfers familiar only with China’s parkland courses, their tree-lined airways, manicured rough, whimsical topiary, and sometimes overwrought clubhouses, Tiger Beach Links will come as quite a surprise. For golfers familiar with the history of the game and classic golf course architecture, for those who thrive on the sight of rough dunes clad in pale fescue and fairways like ocean waves, dotted with pot bunkers, for those who long for big sky and wide open spaces, challenging winds, and the chance to play a myriad of shots to the same end, arriving at Tiger Beach will feel like a homecoming- if not something close to heave..................See More



East-west links


by David Evans


David Evans attempts a round of golf at a unique and challenging Scottish-inspired course in Shandong .

I've managed to make it into a deep pot bunker to the right of the fairway in front of the first green without causing anyone serious injury. My introduction to the Tiger Beach Golf Links in Shandong province is not going well.

Owner Beta Soong and in-house instructor Liu Anda, along with a bevy of caddies, watch as I hack away at my ball with a sand wedge. At my first attempt I manage to bury the head of the club deep into the sand..............See More


China 's Beach

From March 2007

by Alex Jenkins




Stand on the first tee at Tiger Beach Golf Links and prepare to briefly lose the ability to speak. The view from this tricky par four, one of the highest points on the course, is awe-inspiring: rough sand dunes covered in wild fescue, rumpled fairways punctuated by seemingly inescapable pot bunkers, ocean waves crashing over a sandy stretch of beach in the distance—goats can even be seen grazing in the tangled rough. Then there's the wind, hammering off the sea on my visit in November, with the flagsticks fighting a losing battle to remain upright, and the temperature, which had the nifty thermometer on my newfangled wristwatch reading forty-six degrees Fahrenheit. My playing partner, Brad Shih, the club's amiable executive vice president, understood my befuddlement. "Just like Scotland , right," ..See More


Troon lies

Near Feng Cheng, in northern China , there is a golf course that feels so Scottish it causes men in kilts to pinch themselves. Alex Jenkins reports




I am standing on the first tee at Tiger Beach Golf Links and I am flabbergasted. Brad Shih, the club's amiable executive vice president, wanders over to me, puts an arm around my shoulder, and says jovially: ‘Just like Scotland , right?'

I survey the scene again. Laid out in front of us is a pure links course: rough sand dunes covered in wild fescue, rumpled fairways punctuated by seemingly inescapable pot bunkers......See More


Beta Soong is awarded the only and first honorary life membership of Carnoustie Golf Links at Carnoustie Golf Hotel, Angus Council, Scotland, on August 30, 2005.




September 27, 2005


Haiyang: This past summer has been a season of celebrations for Beta Soong, owner of Tiger Beach Golf Links and Shanghai Silport Golf Club . Beta Soong has been awarded the first and only honorary life membership, Carnoustie Golf Links, the six-time British Open host venue, in its over 300 years of history at a dinner and ceremony held at Carnoustie Golf Hotel on August 30. Angus Council Provost Bill Middleton pointed out that Beta was given the award for ............See More


Tiger Beach —a Hidden Jewel


August 23, 2005


The authoritative Japanese golf magazine, Choice , dedicated an impressive ten pages of coverage to Tiger Beach in its September 2005 issue. In the opinion of photographer Yokoyama Hiroaki and editor-in-chief Nobutaka Nakamura:

“To rank courses in order is meaningless, as the happiness, essence and quality one feels at each course is different. Moreover, the impression left by the challenge offered at every course is different, especially with respect to difficulty, scores, and overall impression of .........See More


Japanese Kantou Golf Union Chairman Sugiyama Minoru and proprietor of
Japanese Golf Style Magazine, Kamado Toshio, Visit Tiger Beach


July 30, 2005


The authoritative Japanese golf magazine, Choice , dedicated an impressive ten pages of coverage to Tiger Beach in its September 2005 issue. In the opinion of photographer Yokoyama Hiroaki and editor-in-chief Nobutaka Nakamura.......See More


The Chairman of Japan's Golf Digest , Nobutaka Nakamura, and Photographer Yokoyama Hiroaki Visit Tiger Beach


May 26, 2005


Nobutaka Nakamura, chairman of Golf Digest , Japan 's most authoritative golf magazine, and photographer Yokoyama Hiroaki paid a special visit to Tiger Beach from May 22 to 26. Visiting for the first time, both were surprised by the energy and vitality of Tiger Beach .........See More



Renowned IPGA Golf Course Photographer Robin Moyer Visits Tiger Beach


May 17, 2005


Tiger Beach welcomed well-known golf course photographer Robin Moyer for a weeklong stay May 10-17, 2005. Moyer was on-site to get some stunning shots and detailed information for his two books, The Top 27 Courses in China and China Course Guide . Tiger Beach certainly rates as a top course due to its authentically Scottish-style links and its honor as the only course in Asia to have an alliance with Carnoustie , Scotland . During his visit, Moyer was able to fully capture the course's......See More


World Famous Course Photographer Matthew Harris Visits Tiger Beach


April 27, 2005


Award winning golf photographer MATTHEW HARRIS is the  main contributor to the  ever expanding archive of THE GOLF PICTURE LIBRARY (TGPL). As one of the worlds leading golf photographers his work has taken him to 49 countries covering over 90 Major Championships and Ryder Cups over more than two decades. Co - author of Classic Golf Courses of Great Britain & Ireland and his most recent book Passions - Golf, images from this unique and vibrant library are used in top sports publications worldwide............See More




April 15, 2005


Haiyang: When Tiger Beach Golf Links signed a sister-links agreement with Scotland 's famed Carnoustie club in 2002, the historical event attracted quite a bit of attention in the Korean golf media.............See More


Germany's Golf Magazine Visits Tiger Beach

November 1, 2004

The professional German golf publication Golf Magazine rated Tiger Beach as a Level 5 course in its June 2005 edition, calling it “the links course in Asia .” On October 22, 2004, three of the magazine's journalists arrived at Tiger Beach after a long, but well worthwhile journey that culminated in experiencing the charm of the “ St. Andrews of the Orient.”

The authentic links style of Tiger Beach , along with its amiable service, left a deep impression with the reporters, who eagerly snapped plenty of photos of the course and its surroundings for the magazine. Happy to present the course to more people, photographer Stefan Stenge, a very straightforward person, said, “ Tiger Beach is the most beautiful course I have ever seen. It is the first choice for playing in China . This is my first visit to China , and Tiger Beach is so great—it' s lovely! I will be back and I am sure it will be even more beautiful!”


Summary of Golf magazine's Report


We are heading towards the northeastern suburbs of Qingdao , and after 90 minutes arrive at Tiger Beach . We can hardly believe our eyes upon getting out of the car: the links course, built in 2000, provides us with an unimaginable surprise. We never imagined we would see such a course in China ! The success of course designer Beta Soong is evidenced by the simple fact that Tiger Beach has been designated the sister course of the host venue of the British Open, Carnoustie Golf Links. It is truly beautiful, with a layout so perfect that it can be called “the links course in Asia ”.




Pursuit for a Historical Status
An interview with Soong Kuangman, Silport Group president
When Soong Kuangman arrived, I mistook him for a gardener. With a photograph in his hand and a tree branch in another, he said: “There’s a tree salesman and I’m going to meet him.”

“In college my major was agriculture and gardening. I then turned to economics,” Soong explained. He is fortunate in that his career coincides with his interests. After diving into the art of golf course design, he created Tiger Beach Golf Links -- the “Oriental St Andrews’’ - in Haiyang, Shandong Province...See More

  Golfing forum conference
  Mel Pyatt, President & CEO, Volvo Event Management, his lovely wife Alyce, and Volvo China Open's Executive Director Alistair Polson , along with five other honored guests, paid a visit to Tiger Beach Golf Links on March 14 - all enjoying a night's stay in our custom-designed granite-carved guestrooms and two days at our Scottish seaside-style links course. Our chairman specially commissioned an expert chef from Shanghai to fly in for the duration and cater to our distinguished guests' every culinary need.....See More

Japanese Master Course Designer Mr. Shunsuke Kato visits Tiger Beach Golf Links

Japanese master course designer Mr. Shunsuke Kato, at the invitation of the Group Chairman Mr. Beta Soong, on May 14 paid a visit to Shandong 's Tiger Beach Golf Links. At last count, Mr. Kato had designed more than 80 courses around the world, mainly in Japan , Korea , Taiwan and Mainland China . Mr. Kato enjoys great renown in Asia . He has been an aficionado of the arts since childhood, taking an especial interest in the works and style of Claude Monet. At the same time, his interest in the game of golf and the courses on which the ancient game is played developed simultaneously with a deep respect and admiration for the cradle of "links" culture - Scotland . He had often heard mention of a course in Shandong - Tiger Beach Golf Links - that came as close as any in China to capturing the spirit and essence of the traditional Scottish links, and looked forward to the opportunity of visiting Tiger Beach to see whether the comparison were true. During Mr. Kato's most recent trip to Tiger Beach , Mr. Kato spent the better part of two days traversing the links with Chairman Beta Soong and Mr. Brad Chi , analyzing the unique characteristics of each hole that makes Tiger Beach so exemplary.......See More  
  Aesthetics in golf by course designers from Korea , China and Japan
  In his work, Mr Kim Myong Gil ( Korea Field Construction Center ) exerts his efforts to perfectly combine picturesque landscapes with nature to feel their born compliance. He desires to create golf courses as beautiful and comfortable as the hills of his hometown for appreciation by later generations as an artistic work.....See More

May 17, 2005


In a historic move for the development of golf in China, the Tiger Beach Golf Links in Haiyang, Yantai, Shandong province, has signed an agreement with Scotland's Carnoustie Golf Links to establish a sister-link relationship between the two clubs. It is the first time the famed six-time Open Championship host venue has "twinned" with another club .................. See More

China's Scottish Links

TO MANY GOLFERS keen on the traditions of the game, links golf is the purest form of the sport. Most of those same people would also suggest that you can only find a true links golf course in the British Isles, and more specifically in Scotland..See More  
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